Perfection: Limited Poetry

My whole life I have been obsessed with perfection. It has caused me much frustration to the point where I would be filled with despair when the lack of perfection was the result of anything I attempted. One year, I decided to put all of my willpower into the mantra “Perfection is unobtainable.” I must have said that phrase every day that entire year, at least. In fact, I said it earlier today when installing a new door handle in my home. I realized I had installed the nob, upside-down so the key would be required to be flat side up, instead of teeth up. I muttered “Perfection is unobtainable” as I ignored the error and moved on with the installation. I am proud of my lack of perfection in every aspect. I am even coming to terms with the idea of being rebrobate. But I have had an epiphany that perfection does exist. At least I am blessed to know her. I hope that you might realize who it is, for you, when reading my book.

Perfection Cover(1).jpg